Use Kicksend to Share your Easter or Passover Family Pics!

Spring is in the air!  Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and it’s staying light out later and later.  At Kicksend, we love this time of year.  

If you’re anything like us, the weekend ahead will be spent hanging out with extended family and taking *tons* of pictures and videos.  And sure enough, every family member will want their own copy of this year’s family portrait.  Taking your son or daughter to see the Easter bunny? You know that picture is going to be in high demand! 


We built Kicksend to make it easy to send photos or videos to the ones you love.  Just click on the “Lists” button and set up a list for family.  You can send Aunt Susie, Uncle Paul, Cousin Frank, and Grandma those adorable family pictures all at once!   

This weekend, to celebrate Easter and Passover with our Kicksend families, we’re offering a free month of our Plus plan.   

Happy holidays! 

– The Kicksend Team

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