Reflections: My Top 5 Favorite Photos of 2013

  It started with a photo. There wasn’t anything significant about the image. The photograph wasn’t even high quality. But the memory I associated with the moment it was taken captured me. It compelled me to ask: How do I choose the…

photo 1

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: DIY Coupon Book

February 14th. You might remember it from your childhood as the day you’d get a pile of cartoon-covered, lollipop-stuffed cards from your classmates. As an adult, however, it’s hard to get away with giving your sweetie a box of candy hearts and…

My mom and me riding the carousel together, 1975

One Carousel, Three Generations

The carousel spun around and around, up and down. As the music swelled, my daughter Lucy threw her head back and laughed. Even though she was only 16 months old at the time, she wasn’t afraid of the motion and the lights….