What Happens When You Take a Photo and Print It

What Happens When Someone Prints a Photo?

It’s mid-August and there are two memories that linger for me this time of year: 1) the smell of Scotch® Tape 2) air conditioning Translation, school supplies and the end of summer remind me of my grandparents’ houses in South Florida. My…

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As you know, we love photos. Our sheer love for everything photos, including DIY/crafts, photography quotes, and small cats slumbering peacefully atop small dogs, is bursting at the seams. What Internet-based vessel could contain the sheer monstrosity of our photo zeal? Pinterest,…

Tamra Heathershaw-Hart talks about the importance of printing your photos right now.

5 Reasons Why You Should Print Photos Right Now

Image: Rita Konig / Koalabuy.com I’m a photography addict and an admitted hoarder of keepsakes, so of course I have prints. You might think in this digital world all you need is your camera memory card, your cellphone, or your Instagram collection….