Kicksend Gets Funded!

When we started Kicksend, we wanted to make a dead-simple way for people to send and receive things they care about, with the people they care about. 

In the past few months since we started working on Kicksend, a lot has happened. Our product has improved tremendously, people are using us on a daily basis, and every day we have more happy users.

Today, we are completely ecstatic to announce that we’ve acquired seed funding from some amazing investors who fully understand and support our vision for Kicksend.

Our seed round is led by the impressive team at True Ventures (especially Jon Callaghan and Adam D’Augelli) who have been absolutely phenomenal with their support and guidance. True are founder-friendly to their core, and we’re very, very excited to have them on board as we move forward.

Digital Garage, stellar investors from Japan, are also a part of this round and are going to help us with our Japanese efforts moving forward, something they are very good at. We’re also glad to bring on board SV Angel and Start Fund, two firms who have been helping us since we started Kicksend, along with the great folks at YCombinator.

Finally, we’re very excited to bring Jack Abraham of Milo on board as an angel investor. Jack was one of our early product advisors and is an all-around fantastic entrepreneur.

Oh, and we’re hiring :)

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