DIY Roundup: Easy Halloween Photo Booth Props

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Whether you’re planning a Halloween bash or just want to have a little fun with your kids before they head out for an evening of trick-or-treating, a DIY photo booth is a an excellent way to capture all of the silly, spooky memories. A photo booth is easy enough to set up (you really just need a great backdrop), but an assortment of props can take it over the top.

Today’s roundup features super easy Halloween photo booth props you can whip up to make your photos worth more than a thousand words!


Image: A Beautiful Mess

Cardboard Cutouts. Take a page from pumpkin patches and tourist destinations and create your own cardboard cutouts. Monsters are cute and silly, but don’t stop there! Frankenstein and his bride, witches, ghosts and goblins would also be great options. Make a cutout with 2-3 face spaces for group photos.

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Image: Chloe Moore Photography

Action Bubbles. Expecting a superhero (or supervillain) to pay a visit? Make sure to have some action bubbles on hand to help narrate their photos. Use bright primary-colored paint on wood or poster board and examples of onomatopoeia like “pow!” “kablam!” and “shazam!” These can be attached to the photo booth backdrop or wooden dowels.


Chalkboard. Give your guests plenty of creative freedom by providing a chalkboard and lots of chalk. DIY your own chalkboard (perhaps in the shape of a pumpkin?) by covering a piece of plywood with a few coats of chalkboard paint. You can find chalkboard paint at a home improvement store or even make your own.

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Image: Oh Happy Day

Printable Props. Printables are an easy way to maximize your photo booth options. Endless options are available online (some free, some for sale on e-commerce websites like Etsy) and they are simple to assemble (just add spray adhesive, foam core, wooden dowels and an exacto knife). Some of my favorite freebies are available on Oh Happy Day; their first, second and third photobooth prop collections are not to be missed. Paper Coterie has some dad-inspired props, Creative Juice has glasses and facial hair, and Merriment Design has fun Toy Story props (perfect for a Disney-themed party).

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Image: Mermag

Masks. Masks can be as simple as a piece of cardboard cut out and painted, like these adorable fox masks from A Beautiful Mess. Mermag used boxes and colorful duct tape to create a silly animal mask. For something a little more sophisticated, Decorating Ideas has a great round up of 17 DIY masks for adults.

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Image: VixenMade

Tails. Encourage mixing it up with clip on animal tails. The possibilities are endless here (dinosaur tails! fox tails! cat tails!) and it’s a great way to get creative with your fabric scraps.

Give a kid a step up. For a mix of children and adult guests, make sure the tiniest tots can get in the frame, too. A galvanized tub turned over and adorned with a Halloween bunting is just the right height to put everyone on even ground.

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Image: Savers

Understated props. If you’re going for a more sophisticated, rather than silly, vibe, make over thrift store finds with a fresh coat of paint and a well placed faux spider web or two. A chair or two encourages group photos and a frame makes a smiling face the focal point of the shot.

Once you’ve had your fun, don’t forget to order prints of your favorite photo booth pictures using the Kicksend app!

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