Announcing Customer Woo! (First Up, Sarah M.)

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We’re tickled 50 shades of pink to announce our newest blog series, Customer Woo!, where we gush about our favorite users and how they use Kicksend. There’s usually a picture (or two, woo!) because we know you like them.

One of our users, Sarah M., uses Kicksend to print 4×4 photos from her iPhone. “One batch to send to my daughter at camp and one to hang at my desk at work,” she told us.

She even shared a photo of her cube with us! Now THAT is the epitome of adorable. Thanks again, Sarah! :)

photo (6)

Community Manager & Product Researcher at Kicksend. Loves customer service, podcasts (but not customer service podcasts), soup, public radio and The Simpsons.

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