“They are gorgeous. I mean, honestly.” – Emily M.

Kicksend customer testimonial says Kicksend photos are gorgeous.

The radiant, the bubbly, the brilliant Emily M., the subject of today’s installment of Customer Woo.

Greetings, blog hopper! You must be weary from your travels. Please, sit. Have a sandwich. Rest your eyes near this soothing waterfall and bask in the pure human joy that is Customer Woo. (Customer Woo? Yes, Customer Woo! Where we showcase our favorite users and how they use Kicksend. And there’s photos, because the people, they like photos.)

One of our customers, Emily M., ordered 5×7 prints for home delivery and shocked at how simple the process was. “Like, eerily simple,” she said. “I was nervous.”

But wait, it gets awesome! She did, indeed, receive those photos in the mail and … wait for it …

“They are gorgeous. I mean, honestly,” she said. “I printed off a meaningful and sweet picture, not sure I’d know what I’d get, but figured for a few bucks and such little effort, why not find out? They are quality. And beautiful. I’m very happy.”

Thanks for sharing, Emily! We love delighting users this way. Just think, you too, can be nervous about the eerily simple process of ordering photo prints and then be wow-wow-wowed  when you actually get your prints. :)


One of the photos Emily printed, of her son hugging his cousin. Daaaaaaw!

P.S. Another cause for woo: Emily just participated in a cross-country relay last week! “An epic event,” she said. “I got to hold the baton before my 14-mile run and I was pretty stoked.” Truly a testament to how kick-ass Kicksend users are! Congratulations, Emily!


Emily M., exuberant at the end of her cross-country relay. This lady, what energy!

Community Manager & Product Researcher at Kicksend. Loves customer service, podcasts (but not customer service podcasts), soup, public radio and The Simpsons.

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