Kristen Lomasney

I'm a 14-year veteran of Discovery Channel who now freelances as an interactive and social media producer. I received my first camera -- a Polaroid -- at age 7, and I've been uncontrollably snapping photos ever since (although I've MOSTLY moved on from portraits of stuffed animals).

Christmas Tree Decor 1974

Farewell, Dear Christmas Tree

I suck. Growing up in New Hampshire, my family always had a Christmas tree. We decorated the heck out of it: store-bought ornaments, homemade ornaments, tinsel, lights, angels, handmade (and slightly bloody) popcorn-and-cranberry garlands we made together at the kitchen table. It…

Thanksgiving 1974

Bringing Back The Holiday Family Portrait

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, Thanksgiving meant the following: 1. no school 2. a frantic mom 3. an endless wait to eat what was effectively a super duper late lunch 4. delicious smelling food wafting around the house…