Announcing Home Delivery on Windows 8!

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We’re overjoyed to announce that we’ve launched our Home Delivery service on Windows 8, in addition to some other sweet Windows news:

Home Delivery on Windows 8

Now you can get gorgeous, high-quality photo prints shipped directly to your loved ones, straight from any Windows 8 device, including desktop and tablet!

Our rigorous scientific research demonstrates that getting prints in the mail is the #1 way to make someone’s day. Here’s how it works:

1. Open up the Kicksend app on your Windows 8 device.

2. Select your photos.

3. Enter in the addresses of people you love.

4. Choose specific sizes and quantities for your photos.

5. Pay with our secure checkout. (Bonus: if you order 10 prints or more, you get free shipping anywhere in the USA!)

6. Sit back and wait for the adoration to roll in.

Kicksend mails photo prints

Our matte finish prints are scratch-resistant, smudge-proof and won’t stick to glass when framed. We also use premium archival paper, the choice of professional photographers everywhere.

We ship to anyone’s doorstep in the USA, Canada and Mexico. It’s the best way to show your loved ones you’re thinking of them, whether you’re a few miles or a few oceans apart!

Change Photo Sizes & Quantities on Windows 8

Based on overwhelming feedback from our amazing community, we’ve added the ability to change photo sizes and quantities for specific photos in a single print order. Want 21 copies of 8 photos? Done. Want a 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10 of the same photo? Boom!

You can adjust this with the “Sizes & Quantity” button in the order review screen. If you’d like to just make copies of your *entire* order in different sizes, just use our “Quick Add To All” button. 

And if you need a refresher on what else the Kicksend app has to offer, look no further!

★ Store Pickup – Order photo prints for one-hour pickup from over 17,000 stores across the country, including CVS, Walgreens, Target and Duane Reade.

★ Unlimited Photo Sending – Share unlimited, full-resolution photos privately with your family and friends. No social networks necessary.

★ Share Photo Albums – Send entire photo albums with a tap. Nobody ever takes just one photo. Your pictures tell a story – and size limits shouldn’t get in the way.

★ Create Conversations – Chat with your friends and family about the photos you’ve shared! Comment on photos and show your love for albums by “hearting” them.

Learn more about the Windows 8 app here:

Download Kicksend from the Windows Store:

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