The Best Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot Ideas



As a professional photographer, it can be hard to balance between cliche and using your imagination when it comes to holiday-themed photo shoots. Clients just love those photographs using autumn leaves in the fall and Christmas lights in the winter!

With Valentine’s Day shoots quickly approaching, how do you find a happy medium? We scoured the web to find our our favorite Valentine’s Day photo shoot ideas — without the cheese factor. We hope you’ll be inspired by these images to stage your own photo session with your beloved!


valentines day

Image: Green Wedding Shoes

Well, I am just in love with this one. The Valentine’s theme is very sweet and subtle, as well as their use of red and pink with the bow and arrow!

Photography Tip: Because this is such a soft subject, I recommend slightly overexposing your subject. Try shooting in AV mode at a low aperture, like 2.0!



Image: Ruffled

This looks like such a fun shoot! Obviously the couple was down to earth, which definitely helped out the photographer. I imagine they discussed doing a cheesy pose and realized how corny it was — which made for a great photograph of them cracking up at the idea. And again, the red and pink is not overwhelming, while the gold is a very nice touch!

Photography Tip: Setting up props is easy; getting a shot like this is the difficult part! Keep your camera handy and ready to shoot at all times. If you are using a lot of props that you want to keep in focus, use a wide angle lens and/or a higher aperture.



Image: Blue Eye Brown Eye

I love the idea of replicating a film! This shoot was inspired by Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom. This is not your typical Valentine’s shoot, but it follows the theme of love — and that’s the most important!

(P.S. If you haven’t seen Moonrise Kingdom yet, pick it up for your next date night!)

Photography Tip: When staging a vintage-y film like Moonrise Kingdom, a warm photo filter does wonders! Although you can replicate this in Photoshop/Lightroom, try experimenting with an amber or sepia filter on your lens!



Image: Green Wedding Shoes

This shoot incorporated the cliche aspects of this holiday in the best way possible. There is a way to use the lovey-dovey themes of Valentine’s without being overtly obvious (we get it. you’re in love!) The subtle paper hearts draped throughout the scene send the message without overdoing it. Lastly, I love the paper hearts over their hearts!

Photography Tip: Similar to the first photo, it doesn’t hurt to overexpose your subject sometimes! Break the rules and you’ll get some very beautiful, soft photographs like the one above. If you’re using confetti hearts, try delicately draping them everywhere, don’t stage it too much!



Image: Jim Mages Photography

Those natural moments are key! Although they planned throwing paint all over each other, the unplanned moments like this one make for the best pictures. Their love will shine through if you let them do their thing!

Photography Tip: Don’t forget to shoot at a high shutter speed (1/250 or greater)! You’ll want to capture the paint drifting in the air, and of course… the arms flailing paint at each other!

Now that we’ve shown you our favorites, let us see some of yours! Tell us about your Valentine’s Day photo shoot ideas — and don’t forget to check out our Pinterest page for more awesome couples photo ideas!

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    Valentines Day Images

    I am nowhere near a professional photographer, but I still like to capture photos whenever I get a chance. Valentine is just the best excuse for a photographer. There is so much love and romance in the day that you just cant resist yourself from taking some beautiful Valentine clicks.

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