Turn Your Pumpkin Into a Rockin’ Picture Frame

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Photo albums? Love ’em! But there’s another way to show off your memories once you’ve printed them through the Kicksend app. A squash-tastic, Halloweeny way! (Oooh, delicious.) We’ll teach you how to turn your humble pumpkin into a groovy picture frame.

Note: you could use a real pumpkin, sure. But you could also use an fake pumpkin (like a Funkin) for easy carving and little-to-no clean up. Bonus: it won’t rot or turn into a golden carriage at midnight.

Whether you choose a sweet photo of your children jumping in a pile of leaves or edit one of your wedding photos to turn you and your spouse into the undead (I’ll admit I toyed with this idea!), this faux gourd will become one of your favorite Halloween decorations.

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What you’ll need:

  • A Funkin (I used the medium size)
  • Decorative scrapbooking paper (I used about 3 sheets of 12”x12” paper)
  • Decoupage medium, such as Collage Pauge (Mod Podge should also work)
  • 1” foam brush
  • Pencil
  • Knife or pumpkin carving tools
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Let’s get crafting!

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1. Place your photo on your pumpkin in the desired location and trace around it with your pencil (I found it helpful to temporarily tape the photo down with a couple of pieces of washi tape). Use your knife or pumpkin carving kit to cut just inside the lines you drew. Try to make your cuts as smooth as possible. Carving a Funkin really is just like carving a pumpkin (just a lot less messy!), so this step shouldn’t be too difficult.

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2. Tear that paper up! My pieces were around 1” square, but you can go bigger or smaller if you prefer. I used just one design, but mixing it up with a few different papers would be fun too.

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3. Now it’s time to decoupage! You’ll want to start with the opening you cut, covering the styrofoam inside of the Funkin with the decorative paper. To do this, use your foam brush to coat the back of a piece of paper with decoupage medium. Wrap the paper around the opening and apply another coat of decoupage medium on top. Overlap the pieces of paper slightly so the cut edge is completely concealed.

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4. Continue applying paper and decoupage medium to the pumpkin until it is entirely covered. If your kids want to help you craft, this is the perfect step to get them involved! Allow to dry completely.

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5. Once your pumpkin is dry, center your photo inside the frame. Run a line of hot glue around the edges of the photo. It’s helpful to do this with one hand inside the pumpkin, holding the photo in place.

6. You’re done! Go find the perfect spot to display your festive frame.

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Julia Garza is passionate about documenting everyday life by any means necessary. She enjoys getting crafty and drinking tea. You can follow her adventures over at juliakgarza.com.

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