Create a Stylish DIY Photo Frame for Under $10

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So you’ve just printed out photos using Kicksend and now you’d like to have chic frames to display those precious snaps. Get that crafting cap on and follow this ridiculously simple tutorial to design your own stylish DIY photo frame. The best part? You can do it for under $10!

What you’ll need:

  • Acrylic paint in a color of your choosing (I’m using Martha Stewart’s pool blue acrylic chalkboard paint.)
  • Paint brush or paint sponge
  • Mod Podge (most other types of glue will work too)
  • Frame bought at a dollar store or thrift shop. (I love dollar stores because you can buy any size frame for a dollar!)
  • 4 pieces of ribbon cut into the same size as the frame. (For this project, I’m using a 4 x 6” frame, so I cut two 4-inch pieces and two 6-inch pieces.)

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Let’s get crafting!

1. Remove the glass and back of the frame. Set them aside for the finale!
2. Apply two coats of paint. Allow the first coat of paint to dry for about 10 minutes before painting on the second coat. Don’t fret if the paint looks streaky or it doesn’t cover the frame perfectly. That’s what makes it unique!

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3. After the paint has dried, glue the pieces of ribbon onto the frame.

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4. Insert awesome photo and voila! All done.

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Craving more crafty photo ideas? Check out the Kicksend board on Pinterest! And while you’re there, make sure to follow for more DIY ideas, photography tips and inspiration. ♥

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