Photography Roundup: Clever Fall Photo Ideas For Kids



As all parents know, taking photos of your kids is not only super fun, but ridiculously addictive. While all the photos you’ve taken are equally precious, your snaps for this upcoming fall season may soon be your favorites! Time to get those creative juices flowing just as the leaves start to turn – we’ve curated a bunch of simple, adorable, fall photo ideas for kids from around the web!

Leaves, leaves, and leaves, oh my! Nary a kid exists who doesn’t enjoy leaping into a pile of leaves. (The same can be said for adults!) Some of the best, most natural photos are candid shots when the kids are simply playing around in nature. Let them throw leaves in the air! Or take the lead and bury yourself to make leaf angels!


Image: nedradio via Flickr

Take your pumpkins to the pumpkin patch. Got small toddlers? Here’s a great photo shoot idea – take ’em for a ride in a wheelbarrow full of bright pumpkins. They may not have any idea why they’re on such a weird, bumpy ride, but one day they’ll look back on the photo and thank you for it! (Bonus: you’ll also get some exercise.)


Image: mt. hood territory via flickr

Use unexpected props. Fall always adds beautiful colors to any photo, but what about including an unexpected prop like colorful ornament bulbs that you would normally see on a Christmas tree? This photographer (photo below) used purple bulbs to create vivid pops of  contrast amongst the fall colors. Hang them from the tree in your front yard and there you go – a fantastic backdrop in less than 5 minutes!

Image: Holly Strebel

Of course, once you’re done taking those splendid photos, use Kicksend to get them printed or sent to all the relatives just as fall begins! I say, what’s the use of taking such nice photos of the kiddos if you don’t show them off?

Got any autumn photo shoot ideas of your own to share? Sound off via the comments below!

Featured Image: Seth Lemmons

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