Kicksend and Open Garden Join Forces – Android Tablet Users Can Now Use Kicksend Without Wi-Fi!

Kicksend mails photo prints

Like a certain motherly figure in your life (we love you, Mom!*), Kicksend is always thinking of ways to make your life easier.

Android users, this one’s for you!

Say you’ve just thrown your preschooler a birthday party. Or staged a cat fashion show for the local rotary club. (We were surprised to learn the former is far more popular.)

Birthday party!

Only the savviest of grandmothers would purchase that shirt for her grandson. Kudos, grandma! (photo credit: QT1p via flickr cc.)

Anyway, you’ve taken a ton of photos at the event. You want to use Kicksend to order photo prints so you can pick some up for yourself at a drugstore nearby, in addition to mailing these prints to your mom and grandma five states away. You love the feeling of sending them photo prints nearly as much as they love getting them from you. (Not only that, but they brag about your thoughtfulness to all their friends!)

But what if your 4G phone is limping along due to low signal strength? Or you have a Wi-Fi only tablet? Oh no! You slouch over and stare deeply into the screen like a dysfunctional magician’s hat, willing a connection to appear out of thin air. But the rabbit never quite appears, does it?!

This image may mean nothing to you now, but after you read below, return, my friend, and weep at the sheer beauty of it all.

If you’ve ever experienced this, you’ll probably be very happy to hear we’ve partnered with Open Garden, the crowdsourced mobile connectivity network. “Crowdsourced? Network? Garden?” you’re thinking. “These terms may all be old hat to you startup nerdlingers, but in English, please?”

This means Kicksend users can now print photos directly to any Walgreens, Target, CVS or Duane Reade nationwide, as well as mail photo prints to anyone’s doorstep – even if they don’t have a connection. Once you’ve installed Open Garden, you’ll get connected to all the other Open Garden-enabled devices around you, becoming part of one large mesh network which seamlessly shares Internet access and bandwidth amongst everyone.

For example, if you have Open Garden installed on your phone and tablet, your tablet can tether to your phone. Or if your phone is suffering from weak signal strength, you’ll automatically be connected to other Open Garden users around you and share in their abundant Internet – all for free!


Ooh, how can I get started? 

We love that you’re as excited as we are! You can either be proactive and download Open Garden immediately from the Google Play Store, or if you open Kicksend on a device with zero connectivity, you’ll also be prompted to get Open Garden. And that’s it!

Now you can sit back from your throne on easy street and print photos to your heart’s content. No connection? No problem.

*Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Don’t you forget it!

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