Messages, Windows App & Gmail Integration

We have three long-awaited features being released this week:



You can now attach a message along with the files you send. Once your friend gets the files, they can reply back privately to you, initiating a private conversation for each file. You’ll get notified via email whenever someone sends you a message so you can reply back. This is a feature that we really enjoy using with our family and friends here at Kicksend. It’s currently live on the webapp and will be on the desktop apps shortly. 

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Windows App (beta)


The road to releasing a Windows Kicksend app has been long and fraught with difficulties, but an early version is finally here. The first release of the Windows app lets you send and receive large files directly from your desktop. Files that are sent to you will be automatically downloaded and organized in folders on your hard drive. You can send to any email address directly from your desktop. The Windows app is designed to run in the background and stay out of your way till you need to use it. This is still an early version of the Windows app and we’ll be releasing new features and changing the look quite a bit in the future.

Download the Windows App

Gmail Contacts Integration


We added in integration for your Gmail contacts last weekend. On the webapp, you can now connect your Gmail account securely to have access to all of your Gmail contacts within Kicksend.  By connecting your Gmail account, we can pre-populate the drop down on the Send Files page with all of your Gmail contacts.  This makes it easier to find the email addresses of people you already know and ultimately, much easier to send files to them.

Tell us what you think about these features using the ‘Get Feedback’ link from within the app.

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