Bragging Rights: Make An Accordion-Style Brag Book With Your Photos

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It’s much more fun to look at actual photos than swipe away on your phone or click around on your computer screen. A brag book with your photos inside is an easy way to get them off of your phone and into your hands!

This accordion-style brag book is quick to whip up and will look fantastic on your desk. The 5” size is perfect for a doting grandmother to stash in her purse (because even complete strangers need to see she has the cutest grandchild ever!) or would make a sweet surprise tucked into your husband’s suitcase the next time he heads out of town on a business trip.

What you’ll need:

  • Two sheets of 12” x 12” cardstock
  • paper cutter
  • bone folder
  • tape runner
  • corner rounder
  • Six 5 x 5” pieces of decorative scrapbook paper
  • Six 4 x 4” photos (you can print these out with the Kicksend app!)

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Let’s get crafting!

1. Use your paper cutter to trim the 12” x 12” paper into 4 strips of 5” x 10”.

2. Next, fold each strip in half widthwise and use the bone folder to score the crease. This will give you a nice, crisp edge and will form the pages of your book.

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3. To assemble your book, take two of the folded strips and lay them side by side, with the crease of the one on the left facing the left and the crease of the right facing the right. Open up the strip on the left and use your tape runner to apply adhesive to the inside right page. Overlap the two strips and adhere the pages together. Glued together, the two strips should resemble a “Z” shape. Repeat this process to add the remaining two strips.

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4. Next, use your corner rounder to round the corners of your decorative paper squares and your photos. I chose photos of my cats for my brag book because they are pretty dang cute (when not causing massive amounts of trouble).

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5. Use your tape runner to apply adhesive to the backs of your decorative paper squares and attach them to the pages of your brag book. I’ve found that I get the most secure hold when I run tape around the perimeter of the square and then add a few strips of tape in the middle.

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6. Once you’ve adhered the decorative paper, add your photos, centered on top, in the same manner. Tape runner is removable up to a point, so if you don’t get the paper centered quite right, peel it off and try again.

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7. You’re done! Find a spot to display your brag book or get ready to make a loved one smile.

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If you can’t make up your mind and have more than six photos you want to display, add additional strips of 5 x 10” paper to your book, or use backside of the book and more decorative scrapbooking paper (you should have space for four more photos). This style of book works well for 4 x 6” photos too – just use 8 ½ x 11” cardstock instead.

If you’re feeling especially crafty, you can hand or machine sew your photos to the decorative paper before adhering to the book.

Need 4 x 4” photo prints? Use the Kicksend app to quickly and easily order prints of your favorite Instagram photos.  Pick them up at a Walgreens location near you or get them delivered right to your house!

Julia Garza is passionate about documenting everyday life by any means necessary. She enjoys getting crafty and drinking tea. You can follow her adventures over at

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