Here’s Looking At You, Kid: Kicksend Now On Windows 8!

Kicksend is now available on Windows 8.

When we’re not dreaming up new features, grinding irksome bugs into a fine dust or folding up paper plane heart origami* to put into your Kicksend goodie bags (coming to a mailbox near you!), we’re obsessed with finding ways to help even more people keep in touch with their loved ones.

And now we’ve arrived at another milepost in our pilgrimage: the release of Kicksend for Windows 8 devices, including desktop and tablets. 

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome our shiny new Windows baby into our flock of adorable miscreant platforms, including iOS, Android and web.

You’ve got all the functionality and design chops of Kicksend, combined with the unique features and fluid technology of Windows 8, for a photo-sending and printing experience beyond compare. Kapow!

Like any good parents, we’ve been exhaustively documenting its every step as it bravely enters into the world of Windows 8 apps. (“Honey! Get the video camera! It’s printing something to CVS!”)


Daaaaw. Our little Windows app is all grown up.

Key Features: 

★ Store Pickup – Order photo prints for one-hour pickup from over 17,000 stores across the country, including CVS, Walgreens, Target and Duane Reade.

★ Unlimited Photo Sending – Share unlimited, full-resolution photos privately with your family and friends. No social networks necessary.


★ Share Photo Albums – Send entire photo albums with a tap. Nobody ever takes just one photo. Your pictures tell a story – and size limits shouldn’t get in the way.

★ Create Conversations – Chat with your friends and family about the photos you’ve shared! Comment on photos and show your love for albums by “hearting” them.

I recently sat down with the brilliant and affable Anbuselvan Periannan, our resident Windows engineer with over 16 years of experience, to talk about the app.


Anbu, the coolest Windows cat in the Northern Hemisphere.

What’s one of your favorite features of the app? 

Store pickup. If a user downloads a store-specific app, like if I downloaded the Walgreens app, I can only order photo prints at Walgreens. If I download any other store-particular app, it’s the same thing. However, if I use Kicksend, I can print to any of the stores we’re partnered with. That’s a big advantage for the user. It’s essentially one app where they can get everything done, with coupon discounts when available.

How did you leverage Windows technology to build this app? 

We completely rearranged all the nice features available in Windows Metro and utilized most of the Windows 8 SDK features to create a rich photo-viewing experience for our users.

I also found that it was an interesting challenge, engineering-wise, to integrate Bing Maps into our store pickup flow, where you can locate the stores nearest to your current location or search for a store by city or zip code.


What did you enjoy the most about creating this app? 

Everything is new, in terms of Metro/WinRT. This is a brand new sandboxed SDK that Microsoft created for Windows 8 Metro app development. It wasn’t available until last year, so whatever I worked on for this app was completely new (something that I had never done before) and it was exciting.

Thanks, Anbu! :)

The Kicksend experience is now tailor-made for Windows 8 and it truly was a labor of love. Windows users, have at it! As always, you can let us know what you think by emailing us at

* Yes, we agree they’re very pretty.


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