Kicksend Now Available for Android!

Today, we’re incredibly excited to launch the Android version of our popular app.  Kicksend now offers a private, beautiful and easy way to send full quality photos and videos from both iPhone and Android devices.

Our mission is to make it easy to send anything from anywhere to anyone, without compromising your privacy.  The new Kicksend for Android joins Kicksend’s web, desktop and iPhone apps in providing an intuitive and beautiful way to send, receive and organize personal files with the people you love.

  • Web: access all of your Kicksend files, anywhere you go –
  • Mobile: the only app for both Android and iPhone that lets you send large batches of full quality photos directly from your phone.
  • Desktop: drag and drop hundreds of photos and files of any size and keep received files organized on your hard drive –

“We’re incredibly excited to bring the magic of Kicksend to Android users,” said Brendan Lim, co-founder of Kicksend.  “For the first time, Android users have an easy way to get large batches of photos off of their phones and into the hands of friends and family.”

Key Kicksend for Android Features:

  • Private – Send photos or videos directly to friends and family.
  • No limits – Specifically designed for big files (like videos) and large batches of files (like vacation photos)
  • Comments – With in-app commenting, you can leave notes for the people sending you files and have a conversation

For screenshots of Kicksend for Android features, check out Here’s the full press release.


Pradeep is Kicksend's co-founder and CEO. At work, he spends time thinking about how to get every person on the planet using Kicksend. At home, he spends time mostly eating food and taking photos (often of food).


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