How To Capture Your Child’s Growth With Photos

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The kiddo’s growing up so fast – and as much as you’d want to freeze time so that they can be your mini-me forever, reality will just not let that happen. No fear! You’ve got that trusty phone camera around to capture those moments and keep track of how much your little one is blooming.

Today, I’ll go through some ways you can document your child’s height over the years with photos. As I’m sure you’ve seen in movies (or experienced yourself!), parents used to have their kids stand against the wall and would mark how tall they were. If you lived in that house long enough, it was a neat way to track growth over the years.

But what if you moved? That’s the beauty of taking photos to keep track instead! I’ve gathered some of my favorite ideas below to help you capture your child’s growth with photos.

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Special thanks to my friend’s daughter, Sydney, for being my lovely model.

1. No more growth charts. A handy dandy measuring tape will work just as well! You could say this is the ultimate DIY way of creating your own chart! 

2. Snap a picture every month. Nicole Balch of Making It Lovely documented her daughter’s growth as a baby in a monthly photo series, and offers some very helpful tips. I think the most important tip is deciding how often you want to shoot and being committed to following through with the series.

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Image: Nicole Balch

3. Snap a picture at yearly or seasonal events. For example, if taking your kid to a carnival or theme park is something you do every summer, just remember to take a photo of them next to one of those height requirement charts for rides!

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Image: Butterfly Chaser Photography via The Queen of Kings

4. Take a photo on their first and last day of school. You’ll notice the change between the first and last day immediately – and if you continue this over the years, it’ll be an incredible way to document their growth!

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Image: Cool Photoshoots

Did we mention the grandparent’s go ga-ga for this sort of thing? It’s super easy to mail these photos out as prints with Kicksend!

Do you have your own creative way of documenting a child’s growth?  Share it via comments below or on our Facebook page!

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    Stephan Flagel

    Take a picture every year with the same stuffed toy. It’s amazing how that shows their growth.

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