Helllllooooo, Home Delivery!

Kicksend mails photo prints

Go ahead, make someone’s day. We dare you.
We all know the famous American playground rhyme:

First comes love,

then comes Kicksend,

then comes more love,

which we obviously all crave

like the bundles of neuroses we are. 

Awwww. You knew our name sounded familiar for some reason! And yes, that is indeed how we named our startup.

Anyway, if it’s love (platonic? familial? romantic? bromantic?) you’re after, you need look no further than Kicksend.

We started out by allowing you to send tons of digital photos to your loved ones. Next, we helped you order photo prints for pickup at your local store – and the feedback from our community has been a pleasure to behold.

We also began to notice a theme.

“I love the application. I am recommending this to anyone who has an iPhone and looking for an easy way to send pictures for easy printing. I sent pics to my parents’ local pharmacy in their town. Easy peezy!” – Dave T.

“I realized that [Kicksend] would be perfect for sending photos to my elderly parents who live clear across the United States in Pennsylvania. I love the idea that that I’ll be able to send photos to their local CVS and they can pick them up.” – Carolyn G.

“I was looking for an easy way to send pictures to a variety of stores near me and the fact that I can send it to stores across the country for my family and friends to pick up is super.” – Barbara A.

“It’s amazing to be able to send photos to my family since they all live a few states away and my grandma loves getting prints of her great grandchildren!” – Rachel C.

(We love that our customers are the kind of people who say “easy peezy.”)

Our customers adored that they could send photo prints to be developed at a store anywhere in the country, so their relatives could pick them up thousands of miles away. We loved hearing that they were keeping in touch not just with digital photos, but with actual physical prints.

We just took the next logical step.

Our newest feature, Home Delivery, allows you to ship photo prints directly to your loved ones, straight from your phone or computer. 

We’ve done research, backed by science, showing that receiving photo prints is the #1 way to make someone’s day. Seriously, you know it’s the best thing anyone will receive all week, short of finding you in their mailbox. (Trust us,  our next feature is a teleportation device. “Kicksend: Send You To Your Loved Ones.”)

OK, you’ve sold me. How does Home Delivery work? 

1. Open the newest version of our app on iOS, Android or the web.

2. Select your photos and choose a size (4×6, 5×7, 8×10 or 4×4.)

3. Enter in the addresses of all your favorite people.

4. Pay with our secure checkout. (Bonus: if you order 10 prints, you get free shipping!)

5. Sit back and wait for the adoring phone calls, emails, texts, Facebook messages and carrier pigeons to roll in.

But don’t take our word for it! Home Delivery has been out in beta for a little bit and we’ve already had some heartwarming stories roll in from our customers. Like this one, from the lovely and charismatic Michele V.

“My grandma LOVED the photos. It just so happened they arrived on her 91st birthday. We will be using Kicksend quite a bit!”


The birthday girl, Fern, with her great grandson, Holden.

Woo-hoo! Thanks for sharing, Michele!

So anyway, what are you waiting for? We bet you know someone who’d be ecstatic to get photo prints in the mail from you. Go ahead, make someone’s day. We dare you.

In fact, we think they’ll be so happy to get your gift that they’ll probably turn right around and send photo prints to someone else, thus furthering the cycle of love. Good job in advance, you! :)

P.S. Use the coupon code, “HIPPOS” at checkout to get 15% off your Home Delivery order!

Community Manager & Product Researcher at Kicksend. Loves customer service, podcasts (but not customer service podcasts), soup, public radio and The Simpsons.

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