So Fresh And So Clean: Kicksend’s iOS 7 Redesign

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 2.19.52 PM

For those of you pore over our release notes (who are we kidding, “those of you” – we know all of you read them every night before bed), you’ve learned that Kickbot Senderson, the musical-loving, fruit goo-ingesting, kitten-juggling soul of our app has been bragging about some, ahem, recent cosmetic work that was done. 

Actually, even if you don’t read release notes (blasphemy!), but still use our app, you would have noticed that something was … different. New haircut, perhaps? A refreshing glow brought on by juice fasting? A renewed sense of self? All of the above.

We’ve been redesigned for iOS 7 and feeling like a certain Outkast song, we can’t remember the one. Special thanks to our designer, Wells, and our iOS engineer, Martin, for all the hard work they put into this overhaul!

Behold, some of our favorite screens:


iOS 7 Timeline



New multiple sizes & quantity feature on iOS 7!



iOS 7 Review Order Page for Home Delivery



iOS 7 Menu

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