Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: DIY Coupon Book

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February 14th. You might remember it from your childhood as the day you’d get a pile of cartoon-covered, lollipop-stuffed cards from your classmates.

As an adult, however, it’s hard to get away with giving your sweetie a box of candy hearts and calling it a day (read: don’t do this). Luckily, expensive gifts and lavish dinners aren’t your only option for showing your Valentine that you love them. DIY options are just as viable, and often, much more thoughtful.

There are several gift routes you could take this Valentine’s Day, but here’s one idea to try out: a DIY coupon book.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you cut up the Sunday paper and stuff a bunch of discounts into a greeting card.

Instead, think of the things your partner enjoys (inspiration below!) and give them a coupon to give you at any point when they’d like to redeem your offer.

Examples include:

  • One made-from-scratch dinner or dessert
  • One dog walk on a rainy morning
  • One foot massage on a weeknight
  • Remote control control for one hour
  • One admission to any action movie or chick-flick that you would otherwise resist seeing
  • One kiss, because why not!

With the right coupons — ones chosen to reflect the things you know your love loves and appreciates — this can be a really heartfelt gift to present on the 14th. Even better news: it’s easy and cheap to make!



The kind of adorable reactions which result from receiving said coupon booklet.

What you’ll need: 

  • Instagram prints of photos that depict the deal you’re offering. These can be however closely or loosely related as you want, but the addition of these photos will make the coupon book that much more personal and special.
  • Colored paper
  • Optional: any other decorative elements you want to use to make it visually appealing: glitter, stickers, paper doilies, etc. (I used scraps of colored paper, a black marker, and a white-out pen, so it’s easy to do without these things too.)
  • Glue stick
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon to tie everything together


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Let’s get … coupon-ing!

1. Cut your first coupon out of colored paper. Use it as a template to cut out as many coupons as you’ll need, as well as a cover for your coupon book.

2. Stack your coupons and punch a hole in them to avoid a late hole-punch ruining your masterpiece when you’re finished.

3. Paste one of your Instagrams onto one of the coupons.

4. Next to the picture, write what the coupon is good for. You could write it directly onto the same paper or write it onto a contrasting paper and paste it on so that it stands out more. I chose the latter. If you’re prone to arts-and-crafts mistakes, you can always type up each offer, print it out, and paste it, too.


photo 2 (2)

5. Decorate the rest of the coupon.


Another completed coupon!

Another completed coupon!

6. Repeat steps 3-5 for each coupon!

7. Create and decorate the cover with a cutesy Instagram of you and your love. You know you have one. (I don’t have a significant other this year, so I just used an Instagram print of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, although I doubt they handmade each other gifts.)


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8. String your ribbon through the holes you’ve already punched, tie a bow, and voila! All set for Valentine’s Day.

What other photo-inspired Valentine’s gift are you giving your love this year? Share your ideas (and pictures of the finished product) in the comment section below!

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