DIY Roundup: Unconventional Ways To Frame Photos

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Traditional frames have their place, but one too many can make your house look cluttered. Part of what makes photography so fun are all of the original, unique ways to display your photos once they’re printed!

Today’s DIY roundup aims to give you a fresh perspective on framing by ditching those predictable, standalone borders and looking to unconventional ways to frame photos instead. (Bonus: many of these can be found in your own home!)

Use the natural squares and rectangles created by bookshelves (or the books themselves!) Got a built-in bookshelf with gaping white spaces? Fill them with some oversized prints! All it takes is some double-sided tape on the back of the photo. Once you have it positioned, use an X-Acto knife to trim the edges to a perfect fit. Got an old hardcover book you no longer read? You can turn it into a snazzy frame as well!


Image: Autumn via It’s Always Autumn

Create an outdoor view with a wooden window frame. OK, so maybe you don’t have an extra window frame lying around. No worries! With a little hunting, you can usually find them at antique shops or flea markets. Just stick your print to the wall with double-sided tape and use some nails to hang the frame over top. If your window has panes, you can opt to put smaller prints in each one and get even more frames out of the deal! (We like the sound of that. More frames for the price of one!)

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Image: Leah Schmalz

Spice up your cabinet doors. Painted or stained cabinets? Let’s add some spice to the outside. The square edging on the doors makes for a perfectly suitable frame. Bust out your double-sided tape again and create a photo montage that’s sure to put a smile on your face each time you grab a dish.

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Image: Amy Lucy Photography

Don’t stop there! The most mundane of objects can hold powerful framing potential. Clipboards, washboards – the possibilities are only limited to your imagination!

Are you especially proud of any imaginative ways you’ve framed your photos? Tell us about them below!

Featured Image: Elsie via A Beautiful Mess

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