DIY Roundup: Back to School Photos You’ll Treasure Forever


School is in the process of revving up again – and in the rush of packing lunches and shopping for school supplies, forgetting to capture those special moments is easier than you think!

That’s where we come in. We’ve rounded up some ideas from around the web and compiled an easy and simple list of ways to commemorate your little one’s first day of school. No sweat necessary! Just grab your camera, some props from around the house and get to snappin’!


Image: The Celebration Shoppe

Image: The Celebration Shoppe

Add your child’s grade. Chalk goes perfectly with the school theme – you can use it on the sidewalk or on a handheld chalkboard. Having your little guy or girl write down the grade themselves adds an extra element. You can record not just how they change, but how their handwriting changes too!

Document their favorite things. Don’t stop with the grade. Include your child’s favorite food, color, movie, animal – whatever you like! You can write their answers on a board or incorporate the objects themselves into the shot. Another cute idea that’ll make everyone go “awwww!” for years to come: ask them what they’d like to be when they grow up and include that too!

Image: Mommy and Things

Image: Mommy and Things



Utilize props. What’s going to make this different from a regular portrait? Your creative use of props! Go for traditional with an apple and a stack of books, or get a little more unique with something like a skateboard or their favorite stuffed animal!

It’s all about the details. Obviously you want to capture your child, but take some time to photograph the particulars as well. Get a picture of shoes next to the backpack, clothes laid out for the next day, food inside the lunchbox, and school supplies. Watch how those extras change over the years to reflect their personality and age!


Image: Click It Up A Notch

Got any delightful ideas of your own for showcasing your child’s back to school photos? Share them with us in the comments!

We’ve got a whole Pinterest board devoted to this subject ( and remember, once you’ve taken those timeless photos, you can mail them to any (or all!) of your family members here:

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