Customer Woo: “My 90-year-old grandma called me crying with tears of joy.”

Trina L. (left) used Kicksend to mail photo prints to her grandma (right).

We here at Kicksend are no stranger to happy stories (resulting in happier dances). But when we get one that’s extraordinarily dance-worthy, well, how could we not share via the happiness vessel that is Customer Woo!

Trina L. wrote us this awesome email about her experience using Kicksend to mail prints to her grandmother.

“OMG I WAS THRILLED! I’m telling everyone about it.

My 90 year old grandma called me crying with tears of joy because of her prints in the mail. It was a huge surprise to her and she was overjoyed!

It was so easy to add an address that I totally forgot to tell her to expect them. It was AWESOME! Maybe my favorite phone call all year. Great app, great service!”

Awww, thanks for sharing, Trina!

Seriously, people, if you want the kind of joy Trina’s grandma experienced upon getting the photos, and then the joy that Trina experienced from getting that phone call from her, it’s entirely, 100% possible when you’re using Kicksend. Just head over to Happy printing!

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