Customer Woo: Larisa’s Marvelous DIY Photo Wall


I was recently chatting with one of our customers, Larisa M., who used Kicksend’s iPhone app to order 5×7 photo prints from Target.

“I love pictures and thought it was cool that I could send prints to people or myself from my cell phone,” she said. “Several of the pictures are already framed and on my living room wall for a collage project I was working on.”

My ears immediately started burning. Would you be so kind, I asked, as to share a photo of that project with our lovely community? We always adore hearing about how our customers use their photo prints!

As you can see, she was indeed so kind!


Image: Larisa Majors

When she showed me what she had created, I was blown away. Not only did she create a photo collage, but she recycled DVD & CD cases and used them as frames. What an amazing way to repurpose those old cases for a DIY photo wall! Environmentally-friendly and super creative.

Thanks so much for sharing, Larissa! She also catalogues her family’s adventures on her personal blog, Life Of Larissa (aka “LOL”), so check it out for more DIY tips and photos galore.

Want to share the masterpieces you’ve created with your Kicksend prints? Just email me at! I can’t wait to hear from you.


Larisa M., with her son (Image: Larisa Majors/Life of Larissa)

(Featured Image: Larisa Majors)

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