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Happy New Year! 

So one of our fantastic customers, Devon P., recently made my day. She read one of our recent blog posts, DIY: Make Your Own Instagram Coasters (written by the lovely Laura Lubrano) and was so inspired that she was off to the hardware the next day to pick up some tiles and get her coaster-craft on. 

“These coasters are snapshots from last year’s trip to Toronto,” she mentioned. “My aunt and uncle accompanied me and my husband. So these [were] Christmas gifts!”

Devon P. and her son on Halloween

Devon P. and her son on Halloween

Thanks for sharing, Devon! Your photo coasters are absolutely lovely and I’m sure your recipients loved them.

If you’ve been similarly inspired by one of our posts (DIY or otherwise), let me know and I’ll share it on our blog!

Interested in kicking off 2014 with some Instagram coasters of your own? Read our step-by-step tutorial here.

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