In Focus

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More Than Picture Perfect

Life with little kids simply isn’t picture perfect. My daughter Lucy (three) and my son Will (nine months) are screechingly loud, often inexplicably sticky, and always up to something. With faces red from exertion and hair tousled from play, they certainly don’t…


Reflections: My Top 5 Favorite Photos of 2013

  It started with a photo. There wasn’t anything significant about the image. The photograph wasn’t even high quality. But the memory I associated with the moment it was taken captured me. It compelled me to ask: How do I choose the…

My mom and me riding the carousel together, 1975

One Carousel, Three Generations

The carousel spun around and around, up and down. As the music swelled, my daughter Lucy threw her head back and laughed. Even though she was only 16 months old at the time, she wasn’t afraid of the motion and the lights….


Bringing My Father into Focus, Out of a Photo

I would recognize those eyes anywhere. They are bright blue and crinkle at the corners when he smiles. They are kind and compassionate most of the time, but harden icily when he’s mad. My dad’s eyes never lie. I have measured my…

Ben and Olivia 2013

Thank You, Ben Nunery, For Your Touching Photos

One of our guest bloggers, Erin Cleghorn, recently wrote a moving post about the loss of her father. More specifically, she revealed how a printed photo she had once hated out of pure vanity is now a cherished treasure. Erin’s dad passed away…

Christmas Tree Decor 1974

Farewell, Dear Christmas Tree

I suck. Growing up in New Hampshire, my family always had a Christmas tree. We decorated the heck out of it: store-bought ornaments, homemade ornaments, tinsel, lights, angels, handmade (and slightly bloody) popcorn-and-cranberry garlands we made together at the kitchen table. It…