Margot Leong

Community Manager & Product Researcher at Kicksend. Loves customer service, podcasts (but not customer service podcasts), soup, public radio and The Simpsons.

Kicksend mails photo prints

Helllllooooo, Home Delivery!

Go ahead, make someone’s day. We dare you. We all know the famous American playground rhyme: First comes love, then comes Kicksend, then comes more love, which we obviously all crave like the bundles of neuroses we are.  Awwww. You knew our…


Kicksend 3.0 – The Only App You’ll Need To Keep In Touch

We’re overjoyed. Why? The newest version of Kicksend is out for Android, iOS and web, but this isn’t just any update. Minor tweaks? Bug fixes? Please. This is Kicksend 3.0 we’re talking about. Kicksend 3.0 is unlike any Kicksend you’ve seen before. We’ve…