Kerensa Hogan

When I'm not eating my way around the world, I find comfort in a good story; photographic and spoken. The digital world changed how I access both. It accelerated my consumption while making the authenticity of the experience more vulnerable. Thank goodness for the printed word and the photograph, may they live long and last forever.

Ben and Olivia 2013

Thank You, Ben Nunery, For Your Touching Photos

One of our guest bloggers, Erin Cleghorn, recently wrote a moving post about the loss of her father. More specifically, she revealed how a printed photo she had once hated out of pure vanity is now a cherished treasure. Erin’s dad passed away…

What Happens When You Take a Photo and Print It

What Happens When Someone Prints a Photo?

It’s mid-August and there are two memories that linger for me this time of year: 1) the smell of Scotch® Tape 2) air conditioning Translation, school supplies and the end of summer remind me of my grandparents’ houses in South Florida. My…