Erin Cleghorn

By day, I fundraise at a small women's college in North Carolina for scholarships and academic programs. But when the sun goes down, I spin vinyl from 1960 in my living room for my soul. I'm a product of Generation X from Jacksonville, FL. When I listen to Aretha Franklin, I wonder if I was born in the wrong city, let alone the wrong generation. Some might say I collect nostalgic kitsch. I argue that I preserve fine art.


Reflections: My Top 5 Favorite Photos of 2013

  It started with a photo. There wasn’t anything significant about the image. The photograph wasn’t even high quality. But the memory I associated with the moment it was taken captured me. It compelled me to ask: How do I choose the…

Walter Clifton (left) and Edith Clifton (front right) walking with friends in the late 1940s/early 1950s.

The Reality of a Candid Photo

This is not Hollywood or New York. It’s West Virginia. The man in the photo on the far left, looking a little like Vince Vaughn, is my grandfather, but not the one who taught me how to tie my shoes. The woman…

Erin Cleghorn and her father in 1997 just before leaving for London England.

Treasuring My Dad Through a Photo I Hate

I hate that I love this picture. My mom took it. It’s 6am. I’m waiting at the boarding gate of the airport in Jacksonville, Florida. I’m leaving for study abroad and my last semester of college in January, 1997. I’d never been…