Audra Perry Butler

A corporate-communications-executive-turned-blogger and a stay-at-home mom, every day is a balancing act of deadlines and diapers. I'm learning that play dates are a necessity in the toddler scene, but showers are optional. It’s a good thing that I'm the one who takes all of the pictures! Read about my misadventures in motherhood on my blog at

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More Than Picture Perfect

Life with little kids simply isn’t picture perfect. My daughter Lucy (three) and my son Will (nine months) are screechingly loud, often inexplicably sticky, and always up to something. With faces red from exertion and hair tousled from play, they certainly don’t…

My mom and me riding the carousel together, 1975

One Carousel, Three Generations

The carousel spun around and around, up and down. As the music swelled, my daughter Lucy threw her head back and laughed. Even though she was only 16 months old at the time, she wasn’t afraid of the motion and the lights….


Bringing My Father into Focus, Out of a Photo

I would recognize those eyes anywhere. They are bright blue and crinkle at the corners when he smiles. They are kind and compassionate most of the time, but harden icily when he’s mad. My dad’s eyes never lie. I have measured my…

black-eyed bride 24 hours before "I do".

Something Black and Blue on My Wedding Day

Someone’s elbow struck my eye socket with a dull thud and a sharp splash. Everyone in the pool froze. My eye immediately started to swell. “Audra, your eye…,” my fiancé began. I flew out of the pool in search of a mirror. My…

My grandmother's bridal photo, 1936.

Discovering The Woman Behind The Veil

My paternal grandmother was not like the drawings of the plump, smiling grandmothers I found in storybooks. She smelled of Estée Lauder and cigarettes, not freshly baked cookies. Her graying hair was stylishly coiffed, with no buns in sight. She was tall,…